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why jumbo should be by your side


setup your project in minutes

Just a couple of minutes and you can setup the Jumbo to kickstart your project.


ready to use components

Jumbo packs hundreds of components which you can use as-is in your project. It covers both the generic and domain specific components.


each component is individually extractable

From Jumbo 5.x, each component is individually extractable and can be used in any project you have. All you need is just Material-UI installed in your project.


build your own custom ui components faster

Jumbo is powered with Coremat Pro ui starter-kit. That means you have 20+ highly reusable components to build your own custom components faster and like a piece of cake.


use in a new project or an existing one

You can start your project starter templates Jumbo offers or you can just extract what you want to use in an existing project of yours. You are the king to make the decision.


your app deserves a better user experience

One of the most important keys behind the success of an application is the user experience it delivers. In Jumbo, we have taken care of that at the microinteraction level.


each component follows research and trends

In Jumbo, components are not just a block of HTML and React. Each component is built upon detailed research and trends to deliver the right information and fits in this modern time.


keep your web app fast and optimized

Jumbo follows the standards and techniques to keep your react application fast and optimized.


360 degree after purchase service

Stay assured, when you purchase jumbo, we ensure that you receive a world class premium support and resources to keep you ahead with the development time of your project.


save time, effort and money

Do less to do more, Jumbo cuts the development cost and minimizes the efforts for the quicker deployment of your project in a short amount of time.


Your project deserves extra ordinary

Why to settle for less when you can empower your project with extraordinary.

Coremat Pro

ui starter-kit

A package of highly reusable
components based on the most
popular Material-UI React library.

  • 25+ highly reusable components
  • Create your own custom components in minutes
  • Save the price $18 of Coremat Pro
Learn More
Only extract
what you need

Ability to extract and use an individual
component in your existing
Material-UI project.

  • 150+ reusable components
  • Use as-is or easily customise
10+ layout options

Setup a unique layout for your
project in minutes with 10+
configurable layouts.

  • 4 horizontal layouts
  • 4 vertical layouts
  • 3 container styles
See all layout options
3 shades Take a quick look 3 ready to use shades

Set the spectrum of your theme in seconds with three ready to use light, semi-dark and dark shades.

Micro interaction Better ux with microinteractions

Set the spectrum of your theme in seconds with three ready to use light, semi-dark and dark shades.


Last but not least

With Jumbo you can unlock the limitless possibilities of creating your project in an effective manner.

NextJS version

Implement the server side rendering out-of-the-box with the NextJS version.

React Hooks and Context API

Jumbo implements the Hooks and Context APIs effectively to minimize the dependency on third party state management libraries like Redux.

6 Full Functional Apps

Task Manager, Contacts, Chat, Mail, Social Wall, and Profile app UIs fully built using Redux-Thunk as a state manager.

Styling powered by Hook API

Jumbo considers what Material-UI recommends and the demand of this modern era. Enjoy the JSS with Hook APIs!

Storybook integration

Exploring the use cases of components in Jumbo is easy. Leverage the Storybook integration.


An auth component which you can use to quickly switch among Firebase, JWT and custom REST API based authentication. Or you can extend to implement other type of authentication.

Perfect folder structure

A folder and file structure that fits well to any case no matter how simple or complex the project is.

360 degree

After Purchase Service

Rest assured. We have got you covered with our world class premium support and quick learning material.

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Get started with quick video tutorials

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Learn Jumbo in-depth with detailed documentation

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

After purchasing Jumbo, you can download a zip file from themeforest which will include following:

  • design-files/
      • (all figma supported design files)
  • source-code/
    • (source code for SPA demo)
    • (source code for the starter-template)
    • (source code for the NextJS based demo)
    • (servers files with mocking auth APIs)
  • CREDITS (list of third-party libraries we are using in Jumbo)
  • LICENSE (detail about the license)
  • README.txt (instructions to get started with Jumbo)

No, Jumbo is a pure React based template.

You can claim your GitHub repo access by visiting this link

Yes, you can do that. Jumbo is built that way but make sure that you have Material-UI library installed in your project and have all the dependencies of the component you want to extract and use into your existing project.

Yes, Jumbo includes the Figma supported design files.

The licensing is very simple. To know about the licensing in detail, visit this link

NOTE: If you are developing a SaaS based application where you are going to charge the end users via a fixed or subscription based pricing plan. You must buy the extended license.

We recommend you to use our starter templates to kick-start your project and then add the functionality or components which your project requires.

Still have any questions?

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